Optimizing Magic

In our quiet moments – especially in our quiet moments – we have the capacity to mentally get in touch with our true self.

Usually, we are reminded of all our problems, deadlines, and personal deficiencies. But if we pause for a moment as we begin to explore our environment, we can understand that the mechanism used for this ‘exploration’ is our own mind. Trivial, I agree.

But what we may fail to recognize is that not only are we the ‘explorer’ but we can also be a selection process. Exactly as if we have sliders that we can adjust that determine the percentage of any particular trait being in our lives.

Let’s assume this thing called ‘Magic’ is what we want to increase; to know and experience more cerebral, Infinite, feelings of bliss.

Then, in your reverie, bring your highest past times of bliss to mind. Wallow in them. Choose the aspects of them that made them so exquisite for you. Experience the feeling of you being the force which allows those into your life.

Then, consider everything that comes to mind that you dislike; negativity, worry, things that are unhealthy, etc. and begin setting up defenses against them; proclamations that they will never be part of your life. You are also the executioner.

Continue that process. Optimize every factor of who you are. Confide in your thought process, live it, use it, begin to let yourself be led by it. Trust in it. Ponder it. Perfect it.

Better and better decisions will be made because of the process,

and the fact that you are now making them.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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  1. This systematic process of optimizing each individual part of yourself is something I really enjoy as a core mechanism of how I orient my life as a whole. I have 7 to 12 different areas I’m incrementally pushing toward at any given time with work on anywhere from 5 to 8 of them usually happening daily.

    It’s crazy how the effects compound over time. It’s like if you have a giant pile of dirt to move, you don’t want one giant bulldozer. Instead, you want a bunch of small bulldozers making incremental progess.


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