Steps to a New Blog

(‘The Infinite’ – as a blog – is under reconstruction. What follows here is hopefully a clear and unambiguous explanation of what the revised blog will be built upon.)

Everyone wants to fit in. Whether it relates to friendship, sports, spirituality or hobbies, we all want to be a part of folks with whom we are comfortable. The edifice above is a container for a spirituality group.

These meeting places come in all shapes and sizes, from two people sitting on a park bench to thousands gathered in some cathedral.

The foundation of this new blog is ‘Freedom’ . . . of the deepest and most profound kind.

The church shown above, and all other buildings and groups dedicated to anything pertaining to controlling – in any way – the minds and beliefs of people is antithetical, a direct opposite, of what the new foundation stands for.

Using the church in the picture . . . as soon as a person enters its doors they become a victim of bondage. They say ‘no’ to their own uniqueness and make efforts instead to follow and adhere to the tenets, laws and regulations that that organization imposes.

Personal growth ends because of the absence of self-discovery. Inside of every door is limitation. Why does that seem to be the way? Because it is simple, it is easy, it’s a no-brainer. Got a question? Ask the leader of the group. Conform.

Perhaps this new ‘foundation’ is not your cup of tea. That is wonderful! Go, pursue, according to your most cherished beliefs.

If this is your cup of tea, I promise to try to provide all the cream and sugar you may desire, and the time in which to imbibe.

My next concern with the blog is its inherent unilateral approach. I don’t want followers – but being the only one inputting pretty much sets the stage for just that.

I would be honored to receive comments, questions, insights, personal observations, etc. But much more importantly – so would others! Sharing can bring depth usually unavailable to unilateral thought. It opens the door to brainstorming and mastermind groups.

Rejuvenation – day one! Would so love you to be part of day two and all the days after that. Part of a Freedom only dreamt of by many.

In a nutshell, this is about choosing whether you want to be a pawn in someone else’s game, or whether you want to be a King or Queen in your own life; becoming responsible for every rule and action that you make.

I solemnly appreciate your consideration.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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