Silence, with Teeth

What differentiates a quiet time . . . from silence that matters?

The former, a good rest. The latter, a time filled with discovery, wonder and enlightenment.

The former is created. An answer is desired, a time allotted, the question on the tip of our tongue. Twelve minutes should be sufficient. The answer should be about ten words, no more. The ‘former’ comes and goes and we get nothing more than a short nap.

The latter, the one with teeth, is a bit more empathetic. It starts with the realization that your ‘problem’ could be the best thing that ever will happen in your life. Thus, it is met with open arms and thanksgiving.

There is no structure in this silence. Nothing is demanded or even wished for. This silence is pure, uncreated. You bring no ideas about how the silence should go. There are no expectations.

It is solely a time of discovery, the ‘rules’ of which you have no comprehension.

The teeth are there ready to impart their wisdom, but the manner in which the wisdom is imparted comes at very unexpected moments.

Try to regain the silence as your day progresses. Don’t enforce it, just welcome it. Every chance you get.

Hint: The silence seems to favor times when you are taking a shower and those priceless little moments when you’re disengaged from all thought.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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