Personal Fantasy

Take a pinch of cinnamon-sugar and sprinkle it on the picture. Then take a huge bite.

Savor every leaf, every reflection, every shadow, every silhouette.

Augment your fantasy. Fill each area of your vision with your own Magic. Visceral Magic. Magic that takes hold and shapes your world. Magic that dreams are made of, distilled and presented in a way that keeps you in awe.

Don’t leave without taking at least one step further. A step beyond into the pure unknown. Surprise yourself. Scare yourself! Toss your self-established life-savers away. Be open. Be vulnerable.

Play. But play eloquently. Not with your ideas of what it is to play, but play according to what your superlative environment suggests.

Bring your most complete self. Let every cell be mesmerized with the Magic. Bring no thoughts of your own. Learn from your elation. Use it as a building block.

Higher than anything you have ever imagined. Luxuriate. Take in the peace, the tranquility, the silence. Let it soothe all your worldly concerns, then stay with it until you are escorted into the Infinite.

Five minutes? An hour? An entire day!? A lifetime?

How much Bliss can you handle?

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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