Distinguishing the Infinite from the Finite

The idea behind this finite and infinite is to assure that your sense of ‘I’ isn’t associated with a limited form.

The finite has spatial, numerical and time boundaries. The infinite has none.

The finite uses scripts that have been learned through life. The infinite uses drama, no scripts – and new ways of communication.

Finite play is serious, there is something to be won and lost. Infinite play is only joyous.

‘Surprises.’ When they occur in the finite they cause an end to the game; i.e. ‘checkmate’. Surprises, in the infinite, are the reason for playing. Infinite play is grounded in ‘vulnerability’ with the idea of being open to all new stimuli.

Boundaries, of any kind, are self-imposed. What we are looking at is not bounded. Boundaries appear when we rely on ‘our ‘vision’ of it.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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