Ten-Foot Squares

Suppose the whole surface of the earth was divided into 10’ by 10’ squares and each square had a unique three-word identifier.

Well, that is the case. ‘What3words’ is an amazing app that has done just that. Every point on earth is part of a ten-foot square that has three different words to differentiate it from all the others.

Suppose we wanted to meet in our cars at Tyrone Square Mall. I could simply give you the three words: formal premiums tech. If you were in the what3words app you could enter those three words and see the exact 10’ square to which I was referring, as in the picture above.

Every mountain, ocean, glacier, river, desert, house, trail, road – has been sectioned off into ten-foot squares in every country on earth.

Its power is understood when it is applied to mail delivery in undeveloped countries where there are masses of people but not even a road for an address.

Areas of a tennis court, seats in a large stadium, any site worth remembering, locations on a journey, hiking in the woods; all done with three words.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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