Ownership. Often times expressed with the word ‘my’.

Everybody ‘gets it’. They understand that when someone says, ‘That’s my lunch!’ it’s a good idea not to mess with it. By definition ‘my’ means possession.

Why, then, does almost everyone elect to use ‘my’ to declare possession and ownership of detrimental or harmful facets of life?

Daily we hear friends and acquaintances use ‘my’ with almost every ailment known to man. My cold, my asthma, my allergy, my sinuses, and on and on.

Have you ever heard anyone say, ‘My perfect health?’ Probably not.

Somehow, perfect health or a perfect life or a perfect anything is off limits. Almost every commercial on TV pertains to some health problem. You never hear ‘the term ‘perfect health’ mentioned on TV.

Remember that old maxim, ‘We become what we think about?’ That applies to ‘health’ also.

Perhaps people choose a couple of unhealthy conditions of their own just to fit in. So they’ll have something to add in conversations about health – or the lack of it.

Those little ‘suggestions’ you make over and over to yourself determine who you will become.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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