So Glad You’re Here

Sitting with friends. Delightful. All of life’s troubles masked for a while.

Universal acceptance. Laughter. Spontaneity. Harmony. There is a love for your friends and gratitude that they are with you.

Picture yourself as being one of the four friends shown. That joy expressed, the smile, the freedom . . . is your accompanying contentment of that freedom one-hundred percent?

Are you able to participate, fully engaged in every topic, without some ugly, troubling concern popping up in your mind?

Do you love yourself completely? So much so that you are able to share all you are with others at the highest level? Being so content with who you really are that no subject is off-limits?

Whether you’re sitting in solitude on a mountain top or at a conference with a thousand other participants – you are still, always, alone. It makes no difference how great you feel when friends are around.

How you feel about yourself – at the deepest, most profound level – is always there. It can be a most solid foundation, or it can be quicksand.

Love yourself. Address any self-determined flaws as sacred. You are the one giving them the liberty to live with you.

Create that individual known as ‘you’ and make him or her – perfect.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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