What the Hell Is this ‘Infinite’ Really?

Forty-plus years ago a stream of information came to me in a strange way, captivating enough for me to take notice and to pursue it further.

The more I allowed myself to get lost in its fantasy the greater the intrigue it created.

That’s it folks. I did nothing, I understood nothing – and I still don’t.

This morning has been a pensive one. That experience I just shared, changed my life. But that in no way means it should change yours.

It may mean absolutely nothing to you. The benefits ‘it’ shared with me may be of no value to you whatsoever.

This life as we know it here on earth is personal. What works for one person may be of no help to someone else.

If you are searching for something, make it entirely your search. This isn’t about piggy-backing on someone else’s efforts. It’s your responsibility. It is not reading some personal experience of someone else and trying to make that fit for your use.

You have been given your own set of tools, ideas and values. Work with those. Learn to use what you have been given. Get good at it!

Your Bliss comes from experiencing your own ideas.

All I can suggest is – start! Whatever that means for you. Allow all possibilities. Accept nothing from anyone.

Accept only perfection . . . your perfection.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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