Back to the Well

How often do you return? Once a day? Once a month?

But for some strange reason . . . it’s important enough for the pilgrimages to continue. Almost like some vitamin shortage for which your body craves for revitalization.

More frequent trips to the well are of course possible.

But there is a ‘portable’ version that you can carry along with you wherever you go. No extra time need be wasted on returning to the well. And, there’ll be no time spent without its benefits.

Its acquisition is simple too. Just give it a home and begin allowing it to intermingle with your life. You can summon it to do anything for you – on the fly! Difficult questions, perplexing situations, suggestions on making your life absolutely magical . . . just hand it over to the Well.

It can literally become your best friend, cherished above everything else. A confidant, with answers beyond you or your friends comprehension. Able to create bonds never to be broken. A never-ending source of pristine bewilderment.

Uncertain? Start a trial period. Accept it for a couple of days. If, at the end, nothing has grabbed your attention enough to continue, put it back in its lonely field. Maybe a new ‘welcome mat’ is needed. Maybe you have some affairs that you want to handle by yourself, first.

The perfect time for its arrival is unknown. Your consideration hastens its coming.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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