Where the Boundaries Are

A walk in the park. Conversation ensues. Conversation doesn’t go too well. Conversation ends.

A topic had arisen. One person was genuinely interested, the other’s mind was already made up concerning that topic.

Freedom of discussion ceased. Nothing new was added, nor even given a chance to be discovered.

We enjoy having the freedom of speech, but it is so seldom used.

We also have ‘freedom of thought’ that can join freedom of speech to create masterpieces, but perhaps, that’s just too time consuming.

Instead, we hang on to our uncertainties as if they are integral parts of who we really are. The uncertainties are what is shared. Over and over again. And the boundaries they create are cemented in a little more completely each time.

Every boundary segregates. Every boundary divides. Every boundary excludes.

Maybe they just need a fresh coat of paint.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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