The Seemingly Forbidden Adventure

You close your eyes and enter fantasy. Similar to your past mental side-trips perhaps, but this time, while you are there, play with the idea that this fantasy may be the perfect home for your mind.

A massive unknown in which to frolic. Limitless.

Like a Disney fun-house, when you enter you are amazed by the change of ambient surroundings. But remember, when you close your eyes you are still in your house, your Infinite world.

The next time you visit, after your amazement quells, experiment with ‘thinking’ while there. Put the fantasy to use. Ask it about your deepest concerns.

Instead of the staid old answers you have gotten from the world, allow the LIMITLESSNESS to supply you with a lofty thought or two.

A caveat though . . . you may never want to leave.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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