Great Happenings

Let’s pretend that yesterday ten events happened in your life. Nine of them were unpleasant, and one was glorious. Looking back on yesterday from this morning’s perspective, how are you going to feel about yesterday?

If the nine unsavory happenings are what you remember, yesterday will seem terrible. But what if all you can remember is that one fabulous occasion? That day all of a sudden becomes fantastic!

If you have no preference for what takes place in your life you can just leave it all up to chance. But if you begin to focus on the happy and worthwhile incidents, they will begin to take precedence. The positives will start receiving your attention more and more and the negatives will recede.

And since the positives have top priority in your life, they are the ones that will be remembered.

Start tipping the scales in favor of the positive. Leave the burdens and unpleasantries alone. Deal with them but only to get rid of them. They are not you. Forget them.

What gets attention returns. Don’t give the ‘negatives’ the time of day. Start the divorce process on every thing you don’t want in your life.

Remember only the best happenings.

Then escalate their value and frequency of occurring.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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