I cringe at the thought of again paraphrasing the need to disassociate ourselves from the person we have been channeled to become. Our vulnerable young lives, like a field of rich soil capable of becoming anything, are violated by some idea or maxim that takes root and directs our life according to its principles.

And thereafter, we play the game according to those rules picked up along the way. We resolutely stand behind some suggestion we heard decades ago as if there was no other possibility for our life.

At some point a few of us realize that we’d like to meet that person we were before those critical choices were made for us.

That beautiful wonderment in the boy’s eyes above . . . how long before that wonderment changes to worry about; how to pay a mortgage, or losing a job, or which way should I go from here?

Choices are with us constantly. From where do we get the nudge to pick one over another?

Wouldn’t it be swell if all those nudges came from someplace higher than our personal reasoning?

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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