Exclusive Time

Precious. Magical. Solitary.

Moments designed only for your magnificence.

Your wondrous life is waiting for you, but you must determine what that life is; what it should feel like and what it should be for you.

It can not be found in the context of other competing versions of life. No book, person or video is able to tell you your highest values.

Solitary minutes. Twinkles of your highest values. Visions of your most pure possibilities. They appear, for your scrutiny and selection.

Your ‘selection process’ is one of the most beautiful and sacred events you will ever experience. Like a recipe for a birthday cake, you choose each ingredient.

You may start with ‘flour’. Then the experimenting begins. What type of flour? Wheat? You give that possibility time to sink in for evaluation. You try it, test it. Then you give others a chance.

For reality’s sake, ponder a real life attribute; let’s choose ‘worry’. How much worry do you want in your life? How much will you ever tolerate? You get to decide on the exact amount. Then, when the next bout with worry occurs, you can try out your new choice of handling that.

You pick the algorithm, or plan, for everything in your life. It can take a while, but the results are miraculous. Each day then becomes a place to further perfect every facet of your life. As better suggestions appear, your fine-tuning becomes that more enlightening and cherished.

The time for this is ‘exclusive’. Pure time, silenced time, magical time, personal time, alone time.

Your time.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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