Coming Attractions

It’s Friday. Our eyes open to a wondrous, magical world, but it’s the same magical world we have experienced every day of our lives.

As we are met by the future that November 12th has in store we can quite accurately guess what will happen on this day.

But here’s the thing . . . we all have a blurry outline of how today is going to work. We have an agenda stored, waiting to be super-imposed over this next twenty-four period.

Because of this agenda we can look into our crystal ball and predict what our day will look like and how we will feel about it.

‘Embellishments’ heighten the attractiveness of an object. Could we not mentally embellish some or all of our daily activities by telling ourselves superlative suggestions about; the lunches in which we are going to participate, the sports in which we are going to engage, the social gatherings that are on our agenda?

Sure, we can predict our coming attractions, but we can also mandate special qualities to any of them! Thereby raising any occasion to any height we desire.

Take your predictions and add your own secret ingredient to each one. Bring no negativity. Assume perfection.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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