A Deeper Level?

The above; similar to a cross-section of a mind.

Playful at the surface, buoyed by some underlying thoughts below. And everything, so far, gets along with each other very well.

With our heads above the surface we interact with each other and life goes on. When thoughts are needed of a slightly deeper level we can bob-down a few feet and retrieve what we need from the waiting reserve of our beliefs.

But go down deeper, down to the bottom. In that pitch-black unknown world lie the foundations for our life. Beliefs – that are set in rock. Unyielding. Unquestioned. Difficult to even find.

Perhaps you have never visited them. Never inspected every word of those fundamental basics that run your life. Never questioned if they are correct for you – right now. Never changed one because of new personal findings. Perhaps, you never cared.

Have you ever heard a tiny voice somewhere that whispered, ‘Coward’?

Foundations are critical. When they are well founded and well constructed they bring safety, assuredness and peace.

Or, you could rent a floatation device.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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