Fighting Life

Out there, over there, in there . . . a little further.

Something’s not quite right here. Boy, that sounds familiar. Instead of reflecting, listening and ruminating on what life may be trying to teach you, show you and/or enlightening you – you find something to fight.

What is it this time? The weather, neighborhood, friend, or any one of a million annoyances that goes against the grain of how you know your life should play out?

Fight! – instead of pondering what might be best for you. Taking a bullet in the shoulder most likely won’t open up vistas of infinite perfection or bring a solution to your world. A better chance may be found negotiating off the battleground.

Life is a je ne sais quoi. A ‘flow’ that can’t be adequately described or expressed. It is a quiet autumn trail, a peaceful winter stream, a long, gradual ski trail that never ends, a warm summer cruise with the top down. Life is like a dream.

There are no land mines, no tanks, bazookas, snipers or machine-gun outposts. No one travels in a battalion, wears armor or carries a weapon.

That only happens when someone chooses to abandon the dream and fight for personal rights. That is why life is only ‘like’ a dream.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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