One Trouble-Free Moment

Sure, a parachute jump might work, but a trouble-free moment can be had anywhere. A perfect, wordless, ambient song. Looking up at a pristine night sky. Or, lying in bed with your favorite pillows.

Many folks miss the idea of creating a personal combination to enable this type of freedom. That is a shame because no one has any idea of what a totally unencumbered mind will bring.

What you now consider your most lofty, priceless and cherished thoughts may be replaced by concepts and feelings you never knew existed.

Just get a taste of Bliss – for one moment. Sense it. Feel it. Experience the total freedom as deeply as you can. Get used to the ambience, as if it is a new home you might move into.

If this is new to you, try finding your combination which brings about just a moment of absolute freedom. One moment where you are gone. One moment where you have control over nothing. A moment in which you have no protection.

This is where Magic happens. This opens the door to the unbounded. This is your gift. It is only available when you allow freedom to totally take over your life.

This is bewilderment of the highest order. It appears when you give up searching. It appears when you give up doing it yourself.

Get a taste. Then, another. Keep coming back until the road is easily traveled. What you will discover is an unknown.

Even after it is found, you will understand that there are no words capable of describing or expressing the summit of your Bliss.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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