Start a Huge Foolish Project

The ‘Infinite’ is a large, multi-faceted, playground. It transcends words, thus all that is possible is to write suggestions or possibilities about it. If it wasn’t this way a 12-step plan would have been created long ago with detailed instructions to follow for attainment of the Infinite.

My Infinite is not your Infinite. We all are unique, with individual realms of delight. You might savor the sound of waves clapping against the side of a boat. Or, the smell of your creation of dinner from the oven.

No words can be strung together to explain the Infinite, so the ‘project’ suggested here today is ‘your’ project that is formed from your – as yet unknown – specifications.

Your project will be quite unusual because there will be; no plans, no drawings, no foundation and no pictures. Even the outcome will be uncertain. You’ll have no idea of when it is complete! For those reasons only it is called ‘foolish’.

The only prerequisite is that you START it. Joining someone else’s rendition won’t cut it. This has to be your creation, with facets tailored only to you as an individual.

You won’t need a shovel or concrete. No bulldozers or cranes. Just one huge bag of freedom that you will use continually to allow the Infinite to piece together your Utopia. As foreman, you will oversee every step.

Using building blocks from a dream world, your Infinite will begin to take shape. Using Magic as mortar – a new life will emerge.

Foolish? You bet!

But wait until you live there.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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