Staying Afloat

Beneath the surface are all of life’s maladies; fear, negativity, worry, disappointment. Down there it is hard to breathe.

On the surface you have a chance. Your situation is at least tenable. You can find protection from the storms and weather them quite easily.

But that close to the surface you are still in jeopardy of that large wave of a problem that can capsize your well-being.

Why not consider a vantage point above? Leave everything behind; the bad weather, the limited view, the restrictions of your Bliss.

Not just a little bit above the water level . . . but above the storm clouds. Up where the air is rarified, petty annoyances are unheard of – at the beginning of Infinite possibilities.

Staying afloat? Come on! There is an eternity above where freedom is the way of life. A place where things get better and better, continually.

Swap your umbrella for a hot-air balloon, and soar – Soar!

Just this once, give up on the idea of having to make all of your decisions. Get out of the way. All human effort is limited.

Try life without that.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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