Optimizing Imagination

Optimizing is about finding the most perfect, effective or functional way of doing something.

Pick any moment you desire. Consider the subject that is going through your mind at that time.

Then, discouraging all of your normal thought patterns, begin to experiment with novel ways of making that subject the absolute best that it could possibly be.

Maybe view it from different perspectives; underwater, powered by a giant computer, see it supplying crazy benefits, make it universal. Make optimization the way you look at everything.

This technique can be used for anything from a problem to your highest valued gift.

With a little practice this system can start to bring about amazing results. As improvements are discovered they can replace their stale counterparts in your life.

Just keep nudging everything upwards. Soon, your process of optimization itself can be given a lift.

Staying in the positive has positive cumulative results. Allow nothing negative to inhibit your Magical journey.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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