Not Enough

Something missing in your life? Some deficiency way down deep that you share with no one? You’ve looked everywhere, asked subtle questions, but still have no idea where to turn?

The answer you seek is not ‘out there’. None of your friends has the secret you need. The answer for which you seek is in no city, no mountain hideaway or sublime sunset.

The answer is tangled up in – you. To discover it an unravelling must occur. A time, or times, of solitude, peace and a feeling of giving up. Letting go of the well-worn reins so they may loosen and be untied.

Deep within that tangled mess is where your truth resides, hidden.

If you bring a key it will never be opened to you. The process of untying will be done for you. The less effort you put in, the quicker the process will happen.

Inside . . . Is your gift. A gift that forever does away with the idea of ‘not enough’.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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