The borders between the unimportant and the important are being erased every day. The distinctions of key values like freedom, sovereignty and personal rights are blurrier by the hour.

Consider the statement; ‘The higher the mountain you ascend the less impact a tragedy has’. For me, even the thought behind that statement is worthy to be cherished. With it comes the idea that a person can say ‘no’ to things not found on that mountain. There is, or was, the understanding that with ascension came purity, and that things not of sufficient worth or purity could be discarded.

Maybe, ascension too, has become so blurry it has ceased to be a valid consideration for most folks.

For me, the top of that majestic mountain is just the starting point. That is the ‘border’ line. Everything, EVERYTHING! below that line can be thrown in the trash.

Being our pure self, playing only in that venue above that borderline, not only takes away the impact of tragedies but it erases all negativity.

If we allow that to happen.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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