Check It

A photon bought a ticket at an airline ticket counter. The assistant asked if he had any baggage to check. The photon replied, ‘No, I’m traveling light.’

What’s in your bag today; Directions from yesterday on how to make today happen? That lens you look through that distorts everything you see and makes it conform to your wishes? Those same unfulfilled expectations? Doubts?

Zip it up and leave it at home. All around you is boundlessness. Intoxicating adventures for you and your mind. Go . . . Experience. Dream. Take what is given to you, just as it is.

As much as possible, have no itinerary. Capture the beauty of nothingness. Roam.

All around you is a glistening, magical snowfall.

Get in touch with the wonder of that.

Be bewildered.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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  1. A great reminder to leave the baggage behind and live with an open mind/heart in the present moment! Love it….thank you Kumi! You made my Monday! 🙂


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