I come before you confessing that I know nothing. I speak of this ‘Infinite’ as if it has extraordinary powers and exists in all of our realities. I don’t know! I don’t know!

And consequently many readers will say to themselves, ‘Why then should I continue reading?’

You want assurance that what you are doing has value. You want someone or something with authority, something that you can trust. You look up to the person standing in the picture and value his or her credibility. Maybe they are credentialed, they give talks, they have written a book or two! You give them superiority over yourself.

Your whole outlook of life is based on the quality of that authority.

Since you are uncertain, you sign up with whoever or whatever seems closest to your version of truth at the time. Usually just some newly constructed ‘religion’.

The subject we are tossing around here is best called the ‘unknown’. Other words in its realm are; God, religion, spirit, Allah, etc.

For me, value in life comes from personal freedom. By excluding all other forms of input (see paragraph above) and practicing quiet listening, perfect harmony begins to manifest itself in a human life.

This ‘personal freedom’ brings with it personal happiness to an unbelievable extent, perhaps because there is no authority figure standing on the steps telling you what to do next.

Instead . . . ‘Freedom’ – by deriving your own directions.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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