Fear of Being Nothing

We’ll do anything to escape ‘being nothing’. Carry around agendas, problems, desires, memories, friends, potential outings, meetings, lunches, dinners, movies . . . and on and on.

We believe we flourish when our schedule is maxed-out, when there is not a moment left open for a chance at freedom. Our life is full, but for some reason – it becomes less and less fulfilling.

Our minds are packed full with learned habits and excursions that we think we have to make. Most interesting is the fact that this way of life is considered by most to be freedom, and even the thought to live life any other way brings fear. Fear of the unknown.

Can I go on without all my beliefs and memories and ways of doing things? Can I even fathom myself as having nothing, being nothing? Envisioning yourself as being ‘empty’ can be horrifying. Thus the idea of shedding everything we know and trust as humans – is a step few even contemplate.

But for others, circumstances have occurred in their lives that make the decision not only palatable, but mandatory. This decision is about dying to all you think you know and closing the lid on who you were.

This allows the real you to emerge . . . without the constraints and influences of your past. Think of how a butterfly must feel on its first flight.

If you dare, go take a seat in the chair . . . in the emptiness, silence, nothingness, aloneness.

Therein, is everything.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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