Yesterday I was introduced to a board game called ‘Pandemic’ – replete with tokens, little tiles representing diseases, cards which when chosen progressed the game to its finish and a game board with about forty cities represented.

I’m no board game lover but this one had an interesting twist; all the participants played against the board (to save humanity) and not against each other. Before each ‘move’ it would behoove all the players to collaborate on the best strategy to save themselves and humanity. Ultimately, the group either ‘won’ or all succumbed to insidious maladies and humanity perished.

With a few modifications may I present a new game called; Infinite!

It is a game about helping each other to experience the highest that life has to offer. There are no playing cards and the ‘board’ is the earth. All the instructions and directives are produced on the fly in our minds, but the shared, key ingredient, remains; we all collaborate to help each other find our respective highest pathways through life.

Perhaps we could create laws to live by which would eliminate hate and negativity. Instead of reliance on politics for answers we elect to collaborate on what is best for us. We choose to broaden our perspectives to include the unknown.

It is staggering to even imagine the potentials available if only two people aligned themselves with the Infinite, that collaborated using the highest thoughts possible rather than the mundane human resources that are so often used.

The game is free. All that is required is the desire to play it.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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