Context is Everything

Context . . . is the interrelated conditions in which something exists.

You see a girl in a bikini at the beach, you can admire her beauty. But, if you see her standing at a conference table in your office, your reaction will be a lot different. Same girl in a bikini, but the context exposes the real meaning.

Taking this a step further, in life we experience one context after another; talking with friends, eating lunch, playing sports, etc. On an individual basis we identify the current conditions to ourselves. We then give our own meaning to each situation.

And with one critical step further we realize that not only can we identify each context personally, we can control it – we can give it a meaning of our choice.

As an example; you’ve just taken your seat on an airplane when you look up and see a politician from the ‘other side’ ready to sit down next to you. Right then and there you can give meaning to that context: hostility – or a warm, understanding spirit.

Finally, back to the Infinite! Just as easily you can turn that situation, or any situation, over to a higher power. You can relax in perfect splendor and listen to the words spoken to you by another person and instead of blurting out some stored-up emotional, stinging, retort . . . allow a pause and listen for an Infinite reply.

You can superimpose any genre of Infiniteness you choose as you give meaning to a context. If your life is about helping others your pauses will solicit answers that are Infinite but will also build up the esteem of your friend . . .

as long as it’s not a girl in a bikini in a boardroom!

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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