Eric is a guy who is a rock climber. One day he was introduced to the possibility of climbing frozen waterfalls. He immediately was sold on the idea and started to prepare for his first attempt.

Of course all his friends tried to talk him out of the idea because of the dangers involved, the new challenges, and the fact that he was blind. They shared that eyesight would be mandatory to assess the integrity of each shaft of frozen water. Eric began anyway.

His friends were correct about needing to determine the strength of the ice, so he perfected a way of tapping on the ice and listening to the resounding ring to discover its inherent quality.

Eric used great care in determining the perfect way to navigate his life. Perhaps we could learn a lesson from Eric. Testing things as we go, empirically, relying on self-experience and observation.

The same holds true with the Infinite. Vision offers no help. We know absolutely nothing about this new domain. All we can do is to be open to its suggestions and navigate our course in our own way.

We don’t even need to tap . . . just listen.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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