Paragnosis: knowledge obtained only by supernatural means.

The Tao: #1 The tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao. The name that can be named is not the eternal Name.

The Tao is a ‘must read’. Above is the first two lines of it which immediately express its ability to be obtained only by supernatural means. Meaning, if a person tries to ‘explain’ or ‘tell’ the Tao to someone else, it will cease to be the eternal Tao.

I equate the same reasoning to the Infinite. Every word we know is a little chunk of ambiguity, and yet we string them together in sentences and expect our messages to be expressed in crystal clarity. Couple that with the idea that there are no words to describe any of this elevated venue and we have a difficult problem to overcome.

Perhaps the idea of a ‘voiceless realm’ will have some merit. One where word usage becomes limited and allusion (indirect reference) comes into vogue.

Nobody can explain the paragnosis of the Tao or the Infinite. Is ‘allusion’ a viable possibility? I have no idea. As of 3:32 this morning I have been given three other potentials with which to work; ‘string of hints’, ‘tastes of freedom’ and ‘alignment’.

If some amazing enlightenment is given to any of you, please let me know. Otherwise, you can tune in tomorrow morning as the next piece of the puzzle is laid in place.

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