Skybox Getaway

Worry free, bug free, air-conditioned, great food, perfect drinks, awesome view, quiet, comfortable, lofty, enjoyable.

Don’t worry if football is not your game. Just consider the selection of venues from which you can negotiate life.

On a cloud? In Starbucks? Your Fantasyland? A quiet bistro in Paris? A lazy summer night in Sweden?

Don’t wait another second. Go there now. Get thoroughly used to the perfection, the splendor, the exquisiteness. Experience what this new venue does for you.

Do you still let sub-standard thoughts capture your attention or do you become more selective? Does it heighten your expectations? Do you feel more blissful and engaged?

Make any changes needed to maximize how you feel – about yourself.

Let no one or no thing jeopardize this Spirit.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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