Excluding sleep and work time, about 40% of any week is ours. Considering ten years, we have four years to live ‘our’ lives.

If we subtract out the time to get ready, time engaged with others, TV, eating and all other distraction, we may be down to five or ten percent.

We are high-speed travelers going through life heading to some destination. We all have been distracted while traveling and reached the destination before we knew we were even approaching it. Is that what is happening with your life?

The more preoccupied we are, the more pronounced will be the realization that life is over before we are even aware of it.

Don’t be the individual who at the end says, ‘Where did my life go?’

Preoccupation is a thief. Humbly accept the remaining time and claim it for yourself. Dream about what it is that would be the highest for you. Not just ‘good’ – but Spectacular!

Hang up the phone and put together your Magic.

Later . . . may not work.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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