If You Want To . . .

That ugly thing that happened to you when you were young. You can hold on to it, if you want to.

That absolutely amazing thing you discovered about yourself recently. You can hold on to that, if you want to.

You can take any thought you desire, embrace it, and make it your own. It can become the driving force of your life.

Choose wisely. Don’t hang on to some unfortunate occurrence you experienced. Replace it with a story of bliss and perfection. Give thanks for that unfortunate time and then use it as a springboard to reach heights only you can attain.

Tell yourself the highest. Tell yourself perfection. If you’ve experienced the best, make it even better and tell yourself that.

Tell it to yourself so often it becomes who you are. Don’t repeat negatives, don’t repeat the mediocre.

Tell yourself your version of the Infinite. Push beyond the bounds of what you used to consider limits of greatness. Each day strive for the unlimited. Each day find an undiscovered height. Play around there, wallow in it. Get used to the bliss, then go higher still. Frolic!

If you want to.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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