In the Groove

A new day. A new record drops down. The needle finds the groove and September begins. The only writing on the label is the date.

Still true is the fact that there is but one groove. It goes round and round, but there is only one groove.

What’s playing? You could grab the record from yesterday and replay the entire twenty-four hours. Today, pretty similar to that.

You look where the midpoint of today’s record would be and realize that is your future. In a few hours the needle will play that segment and you will again act your part, according to the ideas put forth in a record . . . just like you are doing right now.

Take another look at the photo above. See that arm sticking out? What would happen if you lifted that arm? The needle would become disengaged. The messages from the record would cease.

Scary? For some, the thought of going from one groove to no grooves – is intolerable.

The grooves on a record are a fraction of an inch deep but can be misinterpreted as having the depth of the Grand Canyon.

Not today? Walls too high?

As a preamble . . . turn down the volume.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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