Infiltration of the Non-Perfect

We’re all Masterpieces. Unique, with different combinations of attributes. But sometimes it certainly doesn’t feel that way.

Imagine a red Ferrari. And now think of it parked in a junk yard. So dirty you barely can see through the windshield. The spark plugs are fouled. The oil is jet black and filthy. There is water in the gasoline. The transmission fluid is gone and the battery is shot. Even the gauges are broken.

Is it still a ‘masterpiece’? You bet! But it’s pretty well hidden.

We all know what it would take to rejuvenate the car, but when it comes to a human it seems we are helpless.

All the negatives that inflict the car can, in similar ways, inflict us.

You all can fill in the blanks about what to do for the car; change the oil, get pure gasoline, etc., and it’s easy to see what could be done to assist humans. The sadness comes with the realization of how limited many people view the masterpiece that they are.

They choose thresholds for themselves about Bliss, Happiness and Perfection and thus can never ascend beyond those boundaries. They embrace limitations – of all kinds.

From where the infiltrations come we probably don’t know and it’s a moot point. The boundaries for our lives are set by us. We impose our own limits, but each and every one can be challenged.

How content will you allow yourself be today . . . 50%? 85%? How much joy will you allow yourself to experience? How much love?

Please, every time you feel a restriction in your Bliss or Perfection, break through it! It’s your life. You set the limits, or better,

you destroy them.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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