Your Sidekick

It’s your traveling buddy, your assistant. Goes everywhere with you and consistently points out things to you. Your sidekick is the overseer of your life. Some sidekicks are invaluable, others should be shot.

Sidekicks give feedback as we go through life. On the negative side, some folks have a sidekick that pretty much negates anything new. If a suggestion is heard that has not been heard before it is assumed to not work.

On the positive side, others view new ideas as fascinating. Never are they crippled as soon as they are heard.

As an advocate for the Infinite, there is a third way of considering new input: How can it be perfected?

Even things we normally curse as bad can be manipulated for excellence. You get to the top of a hill and notice a three-mile backup of cars on the freeway in front of you. Your sidekick kicks in and can ruin the rest of the day. Or it can create a most wonderful venue.

Your sidekick can better every last aspect of your life simply by asking, ‘How can this be more Perfect.’

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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