Five-Minute Prison Break

We walk the dog for five minutes. The dog sees the expanded horizons, smells the new smells, walks to new patches of land, barks at unknown animals. Then, back inside, and the clock starts ticking for the next experience of freedom.

Is that what we do as humans? Go on vacation, go for a drive, go to the water-cooler, go to the bar . . . and then – back inside?

It seems like people assign themselves these periods of freedom. Five minutes in the morning, maybe fifteen at lunch if conditions permit and a few pensive moments before sleep takes over.

A person in solitary confinement could be infinitely more free than someone who wanders the Alps in mental confinement.

Freedom isn’t something you assign to yourself. Telling yourself, ‘I’ll be free today between 6:15 and 6:20 A.M.’ is sick irony.

This ‘Infinite’ that we banter about is limitless, unbounded. It’s value is known only when our inner ‘characteristics’ align with it. Consequently, it is ridiculous to partition the Infinite, to allocate freedom to a few minutes a day.

If we permit it, our lives can easily make us feel like we are in a prison. But emancipation from it is NOT done in five-minute intervals.

The Infinite is the Spirit of your life. Sure, it can fix your addiction, but it wants to perfect everything. Your attempts to regulate the Infinite do nothing but postpone the Bliss which could take over your life.

Ah shucks. Five minutes is up.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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