On the Edge of Freedom

Once, before the fire, freedom was intact.

Now, we are relegated to the edges. We hold on tightly to our little plot of refuge and pray the fire doesn’t burn out of control.

Losing freedom is never pleasant, but we have one capacity that doesn’t have to follow that deterioration; the ability to use our mind.

It seems that many of us link our external loss of freedoms with our mind and assume that our visions, our dreams and our creativity all have to diminish also.

There are no ‘thought police’ in force yet. How and why people put governors on their minds and the minds of others is a sad mystery.

Especially in this period of history, we ought to be applauding fresh, novel thinking.

Instead, most are allowing themselves to be suffocated by the few who make the ‘rules’. Those few want us to be in bondage. It is their way of job preservation. Consider that ‘bondage’ the next time you subject yourself to any news media.

Why is there such political division? Because all we do is listen to others —— and reason drowns.

Give wisdom a kick in the pants. Think for yourself . . .

in any manner, way, shape or form you see fit.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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