What Can You Tell Yourself?

The other day, while standing around with a few friends, the topic about getting hurt if you fall down was being bantered.

I uttered the words, ‘I never get hurt’. Several of the responses to that were so unique they prompted this blog.

The responses left no doubt that those four words weren’t allowed to be said! Why? Because those four words were so definitive, so dogmatic, so exact, so against the ‘normal’ way people thought, they should never be uttered! What can we tell ourselves?

I also use maxims such as; My contentment level never is below 100%, I never get sick and other affirmations that have long since become cliche.

‘We become what we think about’ is a powerful statement. Paraphrasing it slightly, if we believe in something, that something will manifest itself into our life.

It is as if people choose some particular ailment and they make it their own. You’ll hear them say instead of ‘a cold’ – ‘my cold’. Not ‘sciatica’ but ‘my sciatica’. They confess it and they own it, they think about it and they become it.

The media carries ads for every kind of ailment imaginable and a drug designed for it. How often does a couple watch an ad like that on TV and the guy says, ‘You know, Martha, I think I might have that disease. I’ve got two of the symptoms’?

Three minutes ago the name of that disease may not have even been known to the guy, but now he knows it and believes in it, and shortly it will be his to keep.

Friends, it is up to us to think for ourselves, to tell ourselves what our life will be like – because it is OUR choice – not some corporate effort.

Why most of us choose to give any credence to the negative is nothing but learned behavior. We accept ill-health and disease (or getting hurt, etc.) as possibilities for ourself somewhere along our path and that belief lives and grows, as us.

Is there a pill to take to cure all this? No, but it is just as easy, and so much more exquisite, to believe only in Perfection.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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