When ‘Getting a New Car’ Loses Its Importance

Great feeling. Slide behind the wheel; the new look, the smell, the comfort. Then, in ten minutes, you’re in traffic. Congestion, lousy drivers, red lights. The car is all but forgotten. Its novelty, fleeting.

Instead of toying around with materialistic additions to elevate one small aspect of your life, why not consider possibilities that would buoy your entire life?

Every few minutes we all have intervals of time where we are just alone. Even in a big crowd we can disassociate from all that is around us and have a moment of reflection. Let’s call it our ‘default position’.

For me, that is where and when life is realized. In those seconds, or minutes, or hours, when you are alone with no extraneous inputs . . . that is life. How are you then?

Most ‘default positions’ are populated with problems, agendas, to-do lists and on and on. But some, are a Magic-land where, instead of novelty items, there is peace and bliss. Not just a feeling of being OK, but the sensation of being in an inexpressible Fantasy-land that continues to build the longer you remain there.

It is a world not ‘created’ by the individual, but allowed by the individual. Mostly, that allowing is about excluding all the superficial nonsense that most folks deem as important; new cars and the myriad choices of earthly pleasures.

The process may go something like this . . . there is a thought that the new car would be nice, but is there something better, something more lasting, more deep, more fulfilling? And a mind is then turned to look upward, toward the pure, the majestic and the Unknown.

Then, a relinquishing of power, where the individual knows he has absolutely nothing to add to the subject at hand. If and when that giving up of power continues the person comes to grips with how unimportant his thoughts and ideas are.

As the human resources and directives are eliminated, a default position is acquired that completely supersedes any other imaginable world. It’s called, the Infinite.

What’s in your garage?

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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