Uncertain Stability

A structure of some type begins to take shape. Or, maybe it’s a life being formed.

As the concrete is hardening someone sticks some metal rods in to better hold the entity together as a whole after it is built.

Remember, when you were two or three, when that first rod was discovered? Had something to do with religion, right? Then others, pertaining to; health, education, happiness, cordiality, and on and on.

Some of the reinforcing bars were built upon more than others. The concrete hardened, and there you were . . . a product of parents, teachers, friends, relatives and the media.

Sounds kind of trite, doesn’t it? But this is the foundation of your life. It is what you refer to for survival – of all types.

Perhaps for many years the concepts that were cemented in stood without question. Things change, concrete becomes brittle, new priorities take hold. What is to become of the old foundation?

The easiest is to leave the foundation in place and tweak what has grown and evolved from it. But if the base has flaws, patching will never make it perfect.

The question is crucial . . . put on another coat of paint, cover it with siding, buy new parts for those that can be replaced – or – totally rip up the old foundation?

To choose the latter means; shaking up your world, experiencing insecurity for a time, tossing out the used guide books and maps – and relying on yourself – and the Infinite – from now on.

So, do you call the painter, or the demolition man?

You have ‘X’ amount of years left.

Do you want to live them in uncertainty?

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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