The Puzzle of Your Life

Tomorrow is here. You again sense the vacancies in your life.

Coffee. Read the blog. Wonder where today’s search will begin. Every day brings the same desire for answers. Maybe only forty or so left to find. Then you’ll be complete. Then you’ll know.

But it seems the missing pieces of your puzzle keep getting harder to find. And it feels inappropriate to insert a newly discovered piece right next to one that has been there for decades.

Please accept these next couple of words . . . it’s not about finding additional pieces, it’s not about completing a puzzle: it’s about getting rid of the pieces that are already there.

Those pieces you see have been nailed, glued or cemented in place. They are what is responsible for obscuring your view. Each one of them is a flawed directive, pointing you in different directions.

Today – is not about searching. What you want, is, and always has been, right in front of you.

What is important . . . is to remove what you have already nailed down so that the excellence beneath appears and can be appreciated.

When the pieces have all been removed, there is no puzzle.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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