Your Street of Aliveness

This is not about . . . what should bring you alive. It is something that you have experienced that did bring you alive. So alive, you tingled.

It is a question – only you – can answer. What occurrence; made your heart beat faster, made you want to scream with happiness, made you realize this is who you really are?

If you can identify one, make it a priority. You love throwing paint against a wall while dancing crazily to some super tunes? Cherish that thought. Understand that that activity is at the start of your street.

Put it at the start of your street. This street, your street, is about freedom without any limitations. An avenue where you determine the number of brush strokes that are needed. Best of all, it is original. It is fresh, pure, and not a copy or likeness of any other pathway.

What occurrence made your heart beat faster, made you feel enlightened, energized, even scared? Hearing an oldie on the radio? Lunch with a forgotten friend? Something secretive? A memory?

It’s your road. The only way to realize what is next is to get back on that road. Jump into that occurrence again and again. If there’s a toll, pay it. If it takes time to get there, find the time. If it scares the hell out of you, frolic in the excitement. Your smile will be uncontainable!

Where your street goes there are no speed limits, no building codes, no restrictions and no limits on excitement and bliss.

Put your name on the street sign.

The street is all yours.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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