What is written herein are not snippets of a whole. These blogs are not pieces that ultimately fit together to form a learned book about the Infinite.

Your role is not just that of being a ‘pupil’. You are a pupil, but you are also a teacher. This thing called life is a learning ‘process’ where each of us has a duty to verify the contents of themselves. Each day we have the amazing ability, and responsibility, to upgrade our constituents to bring about our perfection.

There is no end, no conclusion; it is dynamic. If it ended we’d be left with some old, staid ‘opinion’ which would become another ‘tradition’ not unlike all the other traditions people hang on to for security.

As we go, we gather, test, accept or throw out – just as a teacher would do. The results are then handed on to your pupil to be tested empirically. Those findings go back to the teacher, and the process continues.

What is written herein are not snippets of a whole. These are not ‘information’ to be learned nor are they interesting tidbits to be imitated. Maybe they could be classified as springboards or mini-trampolines.

Hopefully, they are just non-biased attention-getters, designed . . .

for the Infinite.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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