The Other Side of Comfort

Your side of the bed. Your pillow. Your temperature. Your blanket.

We get that. We understand the externalities that are needed for our physical comfort.

But what about the ‘other side’? What about ‘inner comfort’?

Secure and content with our outside surroundings we switch off the light and remember . . . we are trapped in our little world of sorrow. We get the colors of the room right, the blinds are fine, the ceiling fan spins correctly – but no one ever thinks about inner comfort.

Instead we remain slaves to the insanity that our minds spill out after we lie down and before sleep puts us out of our misery. There is no freedom, no bliss, no frolic; and no independence.

As fast as we can muster a thought we can change our location, but that may never happen because the walls of our prison are too thick.

There is no traveling anywhere when our minds are being trampled by the endless stream of worry and problems which accompany our quiet times.

Inner comfort comes when your personal prison has crumbled.

When you realize that your thoughts are what bring your confinement, or your freedom, you can begin to cut the tethers toward emancipation.

Take another look at Kitty’s face. Go there.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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