Your Metaphor – for Life

Life is . . . ?

What is life, for you; a bitch, hard, not worth living, a game, a circus, an existence, a miracle, a puzzle, a joke, a folly, a burden?

Even if you say you don’t have an exact metaphor, just below the surface there are feelings, or ‘understandings’, that you continually use to guide yourself through the day.

If you assume the world is out to get you and that ‘things will get worse before they get better’ – each problem you encounter may put you in a war zone.

In the health realm, you may sense that you are susceptible to every ailment known to man. Or, you may feel no disease of any kind will ever touch your life.

Using ‘negativity’ as a general example; how will you handle negativity? You already have some algorithm in place that you will use to counteract the negativity. You may try to understand it, fight it, argue against it, find the flaws in it – or you may just walk away from it.

Person A enjoys a good fight. Give him a problem and he will keep addressing the problem but hate it all the way. He’ll curse whatever it is that’s involved. The problem will be with him day and night, affecting him personally in everything that he does. Person B either walks away from the problem if possible or welcomes the concern and tries to discover a solution that would help anyone else who has a similar problem.

The guiding forces we all have are not ‘givens’ – we put them there! And, they can be changed.

You may attest to the idea that you have no extra time, that life is too hectic, too unmanageable. If so, you will be able to give example after example of why that is true. Because . . . that is what you have designed for yourself. That is what you look for!

On the other hand you may have selected ‘peace’. Your world knows of nothing being helter-skelter. Time flows effortlessly and there is an abundance of it.

If you have a better idea of how you want to live your life, insert the perfect ‘understandings’ to make that life possible for you.

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