Hopefully . . . It’s ‘Up’ to You

There’s a thought in your mind . . . could be anything.

Almost without a doubt, that is where it will stay. Bombarded with all the methods and suggestions you have used all of your life. Trapped in that little dungeon with all the other thoughts that go there to die.

Then, along comes an idea like the Infinite. The ‘old way’ is really all we know, so the Infinite, too, becomes a prisoner in the cell.

The way you thought in the past does not work with elevated abstraction. So, being we have no way to deal with such predicaments the concept of the Infinite has no chance for fulfillment and dies.

Will it ever be possible to turn left, as in the picture? To abandon your only known way of negotiation and try a ‘new way’.

If the decision to that question is digested as usual, you can predict the outcome. It is fascinating to hear people talk of freedom while they are sitting in a self-erected cage of near total concealment.

The possibility of another way of thinking borders on the impossible for most. The ‘old way’ is all we know, and thus it will be all we ever know.

Computers, at least, have an on-off switch. We do not. Our little thought mechanism keeps on churning. It ‘thinks’ and rationalizes our every action and may preclude awesome possibilities just because of learned reactions.

To experience anything higher than normal the individual must override the ‘old way’. The individual must take control of the mind and do something different. He or she must listen for higher strains and think for themselves using the elevated levels obtained.

It’s not that hard. Lock up the dungeon. Surprise yourself and begin relying on the pristine knowledge that comes to you while you are silent.

Freedom awaits. Turn left.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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