On Stolen Time

Unspoken, innocuous, acts of stealth.

On a date in a theater, watching a movie. Seated on the other side of you is someone else’s date. During the movie your knee touches the knee of the ‘other’ and remains there until the movie ends.

In church, an unexpected – but suggestive – occurrence takes place that will be remembered forever.

A kiss, from a long-desired old friend, shatters normalcy.

A dreadful day. You’re on the floor gathering items from the bag you just dropped. As you look up you see the face of an Angel. Spell-bound, you exchange a few words of which you have absolutely no recollection.

Stolen times. Little tastes of exquisiteness. Slightly irreverent, utterly delicious, very impactive and memorable.

Those stolen slices of intrigue and perfection are, in some small way –

hints of what the Infinite imparts.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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