No Barrier

The more you seek, the less you find.

We learn, from day one, that if we want something we must take action to bring that ‘something’ into being. We want to walk, we practice. We want money, we work.

And that list goes on and on, except – when it comes to the Infinite.

It could be that it is too easy to flirt with the Infinite and that is why it so rarely happens.

Every effort you make to ‘seek’ after the Infinite is in vain. We all exist in this worldly dimension. The Infinite is a higher plateau. Its language is different, its rules are different. We have no clue about anything pertaining to the Infinite. We can offer nothing of value.

And yet, some folks never stop the pursuit. They try one thing and when that doesn’t work they go to some foreign country, burn incense, or fray some mantra.

The Magic of the Infinite comes . . . when we don’t want it! When we’ve given up scheming and are done trying. When we realize our efforts are truly worthless.

Often you’ll hear phrases such as; ‘Let it go.’ or ‘Be silent.’ If a person remains in the process of ‘seeking’ – in any way – it ruins everything.

The Infinite comes when we are silent, not when we try to make ourselves silent. It comes when we have ‘let go’, not when we coerced ourselves to ‘let go’.

Only when we ‘don’t want it’ does the door to the Infinite open. If we ‘want it’ it is a desire – and desires are what we try to make happen.

Think of this as a Christmas present that you will never receive – if you think of Christmas.

This whole idea of enlightenment seems to be based on ‘humility’. When pure reasoning comes from within that expresses the idea to you that there is more, much more, but it can’t be found in the worldly.

Then, after our period of futile searching, we understand that we are servants, messengers if you will, to a higher strain. We realize its nothing to which we join or to which we become involved.

There is no barrier and there is nothing for us to negotiate.

No . . . it is the highest gift, that we just comes to us, effortlessly.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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